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Businesses: Why Use Us?

Get New Customers at no Cost to You and Best of all it's Risk-Free!
Traditional advertising forces you to fork out money and cross your fingers hoping that you gain a return on your investment. How do you track that? It's hard. With Deals you get a large exposure to local consumers with guaranteed money in your pocket, without out-of-pocket expenses. Expand your customer base by increasing awareness and offering something they can't resist.

What's even better is that we pay you!

Integrated Social Media Marketing
Based on the strength of your deal, consumers will want to share your deal with their friends and family so that they don't miss out on your amazing offer. Twitter and facebook sharing is set in place so that consumers can easily pass on the message in just a click.

Deals that make sense
We will work with you to structure a deal while keeping your goals in mind and setting criteria such as terms, expiration dates, quantity limitations (if desired), and any other factors in order to maximize your desired goals.

Multi-use Media Platform
We already have 1000's of people visiting our website every week to check out what's going on in London, ON, what various businesses have to offer and much more! Our local deals are placed in a high traffic location as to ensure consumers will come across your deals and want to check them out. By utilizing our free website advertising and deal offers, not only do you earn money and extra customers for your business, but you increase visibility and traffic to your website!

Unique Redemption Identifiers
Each deal purchase has a unique code accompanied with consumer name so that you can check against current redemption IDs. We will provide you with all the information you need to properly process your deal purchases.

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