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Member Benefits

As an end-user, you no longer need to search the internet for individual businesses or directories that yield irrelevant information. London Source only lists businesses that are located within the London area with detailed information about each business. Each business that subscribes to our full service plan must include specific information that London Source feels is necessary for the consumer to be well informed about the businesses they find in our listings.

Such information includes,

  • Location - a map will be provided on each listing so the consumer knows exactly where the business is located
  • Contact Information
  • Hours of Operation
  • Description of Business' Operations
  • Payment Methods Accepted
  • Full Menu - restaurants and related food service businesses
  • Pick-up or Delivery Options Available - restaurants and related food service businesses
  • Monthly or Weekly Event Listings - primarily Bars and Night Club
  • Check-in/Check-out times accommodations
  • Sales/Special Offer Display

In addition to these criteria, individual businesses will be encouraged to include other information that we, or the business, feel is important for the consumer.

Up to Date Listings

Each business listing will be kept up-to-date by London Source. We allow all subscribed businesses listed to submit new information relating to their business at any time. This ensures that end-users will be well-informed of the changes and developments of any business listed on our website.

Content Appropriateness

All businesses who wish to be listed on our website must first be approved by London Source. Business operations and content must be suitable for family viewing both within the advertisement as well as on their website if they have one. Content will be monitored on a consistent basis for suitability. No sexually, verbally, or other explicit information will be allowed on the London Source website.

Category-Specific Environment/Other Search Formats

London Source lists each business in all categories that apply to their business in order to optimize consumer navigation. End-users may navigate through these categories with ease and locate exactly what they are looking for. End-users can also search through the listings alphabetically, by store name, keyword search, by location, as well as other means./p>

Email Sale/Event/Special Offer Display

End-users who sign up for a free membership with London Source will have the opportunity to view all sales, special offers, events and much more relating to the businesses listed on the London Source website. Business owners will be encouraged to contact London Source at least two weeks before they are having a sale. In order to view the details of the sale or other feature the end-user may use the link off the home page relating to the information they seek on these features, or seek out the specific business they desire to see if they are having any sales/special offers/events at that time. There is also a link off the home page detailing all the sales going on that day or week.

Eligibility for London Source Contest/Giveaways

End-users who sign up for a free membership with London Source and fill out all the information on the account sign-up page will be eligible for contests or giveaways held by London Source. End-users will be able to find a link from the home page regarding all giveaways London Source may be having at that time.

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