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Frequently Asked Questions - General

Why should I register with London Source?

Our registration service allows us to provide you with the best service possible. You do not need to register but in order to be eligible for contests and other offers you must have an account with London Source. It's a free service for end-users.

I have forgotten my password.

Click on forgotten password at the bottom of the home page or click here to go there now. Then type in your account sign-in name and submit. Your login details will be emailed to you in seconds to the email address associated with that account.

I found a business that I wish to visit but am unsure where it is in the London Area.

Each listing has a map link within the businesses advertisement page. Simply click that link and a map will pop-up showing you the exact location of the business in the London Area.

Why can I not view a businesses advertisement page when I click on it?

Not all businesses subscribed have chosen the full service plan and therefore do not have an advertisement page. All businesses with an advertisement page will have a link which clearly notes that the business has an ad page.

How do I find businesses in my area?

Once you have chosen a category that interests you, you will notice on the right side a "location" window appears. Just click on the area of London that interests you and it will narrow down the businesses located in that area.

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