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Neuphysio Rehabilitation

Neuphysio Rehabilitation

131 Wharncliffe Rd South
London, ON N6J 2K4
(519) 434-3881

Neuphysio is London’s Center of Excellence in Physiotherapy. Our Qualified physiotherapists are experts in neurophysiotherapy, vestibular rehabilitation, multiple trauma and our trademarked Therapeutic Golf Rehabilitation program offers a unique way to use golf in therapy. At Neuphysio we are passionate about helping people who have suffered illness or injury return to meaningful activities every day.

A Fresh Breath Treatment Centre

140 Wortley Road
London, ON N6C 3P5
(519) 434-5599

Allure Hair Studio

358 Wortley Road
London, ON N6C 3S2
(519) 850-0999

Amy's Massage Therapy

405 Wharncliffe Road South
London, ON N6J 2M3
(519) 858-4164

Anna's Esthetics

560 Upper Queen Street
London, ON N6C 3T9
(519) 668-0369

Avril's Hair Care

868 Bradley Avenue
London, ON N6E 1W3
(519) 668-0341

Barb Osinga RMT Physiotherapy

97 High Street
London, ON N6C 4J8
(519) 432-4375

Beauty Divine Electrolysis & Esthetics

124 Ridout Street South
London, ON N6C 3X6
(519) 439-1684

Beverly Hill's

427 Chester Street
London, ON N6C 2J3
(519) 433-6057

Birth Positive

20 Weston Street
London, ON N6C 1R1
(519) 281-4019

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