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Don't Have a Website?

Interested in a Website with FREE Advertising to over 30,000 unique visitors?

Our mini-sites are packed with all the information needed to inform your customers about what services you have to offer, at a fraction of the cost

Our designers work with each of our clients personally to ensure website development solutions reflect the image and message you wish to convey to potential customers. We will take the time required to give you the results that you deserve. We hope that our dedication and knowledge become an invaluable resource to you alongside and devlops into a long-term.

For $24.95/month you get a full mini-site and free advertising, nothing could be better!

Call us at (519) 317-2215 to get your business listed today!

Example of our Website Clients


Marienbad Restaurant



It is extremely beneficial for a business to have a website, but if that website is not advertised the majority of visitors to your website will most likely be clientele who have already been to your business. The majority of those visitors already know what you have to offer. Driving our users to your website is a very effective way of attracting new clientele to your business.

Additional Services

Gold Listing Upgrade
Upgrade to the Gold Listing Package
only $9.95/month + HST
Click here for example and features
Features Section Upgrade
Add your business to our Features Section and increase your exposure by over 2000+ views/month
only $7.95/month + HST
Click here for example
Additional Categories
Add your business up to 3 additional categories
only $12.95/year + HST

Featured Event - Homepage
Feature your event on our homepage and featured in newsletter (3 events on homepage maximum at any time)
1 month duration prior to event
only $9.95/event + HST

Mini-site + Gold Listing Upgrade
Features include mini-site including hosting, email, domain pointing, updates to mini-site and more. Call for additional details and view example below.
only $24.95/month + HST
Click here for example

Let London Source be your tool for helping you acquire that desired traffic.

Creating a website for your business is no cheap investment, let us help you make the best of
that investment it by letting people know your website exists.

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