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Frequently Asked Questions - Businesses

How do I change information on my advertisement?

Business owners may log into their account at any time during the course of their subscription and use our form to submit any new information regarding their advertisement. In order to ensure appropriateness and correctness, any information submitted to London Source must be approved. This is a quick process and all updates will be done by the end of the next business day upon receiving the submitted information.

What if someone else submits information on behalf of my business that I did not approve?

All information submitted to London Source needs to be approved by the contact we have on file located in the service agreement. We also have other security measures which the business owner will be notified of when they meet with the representative. Our security measures will prevent any unwanted information submissions to be posted on the London Source website.

How do I place an ad online?

Please refer to our contact us page and fill out the form supplied by London Source and a representative will contact you promptly to discuss the details of our services. You may also call us to set up an appointment to discuss the services we have to offer to your business. You will need to be registered and sign a service agreement with London Source to place an advertisement, however, we have a very strict privacy policy and will not pass your details on to any third parties. Click here to view our privacy policy.

Do I need to have a website for my business to advertise with London Source?

No. One of the great advantages of advertising with London Source is that our advertisements deliver a wealth of information detailing your business so that you can effectively inform customers of your business operations without a website.

Why should I advertise with London Source if my business already has a website?

People do not just magically find websites, they need to be advertised to be seen. With the millions of websites out there it is hard for people to locate them using standard search engine methods. Advertising a website online is not cheap. Therefore, an individual using online advertising means through search engines to bring business to their website can be very costly. The majority of visitors to your unadvertised website will most likely be customers who have already been to your place of business, and they already know what you have to offer. Attracting new customers to your place of business can be very effective by attracting them to your website and seeing what you have to offer. Let London Source be your tool for helping you acquire that desired traffic.

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